Cyberattacks are growing in frequency and many organizations are unprepared. The Ponemon Institutes’ 2016 Cyber Resilient Organization Study found that 53% of organizations said that they had at least one data breach involving 1,000+ records in the past two years.

Improving your security posture in the cloud is crucial due to increasing cyber threats. We asked the Digital Forge security team for tips on improving your security in the cloud.

Below are 5 tips that they to increase your security measures.

Data Encryption

Before key information is migrated to the cloud, it’s important to be sure you are encrypting your data and using data security within your organization. This is crucial to the safety of your data. It is also important to limit access to private records. Limited access coupled with encryption goes a long way towards improving your cloud security.


Automate as many processes as possible removing human errors from your cloud solutions. Optimizing automation requires a well experienced IT department. This level of automation can include user provisioning and de-provisioning, security alerts, monitored installation and security tools, and permission changes on files.

Continuous Monitoring

The number of unidentified vulnerabilities within business networks can be surprising. Many organizations do not have a continued monitoring system set up to look for these undiscovered attacks. There are countless instances where these issues have been apparent for months and the victim of the cyberattack only finds out about them after a breach. Cybersecurity is a full time job that requires an unbiased perspective. Working with an external security expert can be crucial to the continuous monitoring process.

HIPAA Compliant Cloud Provider

While using a cloud provider can dramatically lessen your operational costs, implemented improperly could also open your organization to new threats. Make sure that your cloud provider meets HIPAA compliance to ensure the safety of your data.

Strategic Partnership

Navigating the cybersecurity world while managing your organizations compliance protocols, IT functions, and cloud, can be a lot to take on. These are large projects that require experts, as any mistake can lead to a loss of clients. Partnering with an IT solutions provider that specializes in hosting and security is the best way to ensure your security posture in the cloud.

The pressure to prevent, detect, and remediate the rising number of cyberattacks can be overwhelming. Many organizations have found that staying up to date with the security environment is an advantage of the cloud.

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