Criminals are experts in impersonation; Emails and phone calls can be made to look like they came from anywhere including your boss, banks, service providers, charities, police, the IRS and even your tax prepper.

If you receive an email asking for sensitive information you must verify the apparent sender really sent the message, normally by calling them. Almost always, these messages or calls are marked as urgent.

Here are some tips to protect yourself from criminals, especially during tax season:

  • The IRS will not request money via phone, text or email
  • Never sign a blank or unreadable tax return or tax documentation
  • File your taxes as early as possible
  • Bills, taxes and settlements are never collected using gift or prepaid debit cards
  • Never give personal information to a caller including credit/debit card, address, SS#, or even a phone number
  • If someone calls you about an account, they should have your account number and need to use an alternative method to authenticate you
  • No one is going to call you for a computer issue unless you have previously paid or asked them to monitor you
  • If you are threatened with immediate law enforcement action if you don’t pay, hang up
  • Change passwords on a regular basis
  • Don’t use the same passwords for everything
  • Keep personal information off of social media
  • Consider purchasing items on the internet with prepaid cards
  • Consider locking your credit checks by contacting:
  1. Equifax Security Freeze
    O. Box 105788
    Atlanta, GA 30348
  2. Experian Security Freeze
    O. Box 9554
    Allen, TX 75013
  3. TransUnion Security Freeze
    O. Box 6790
    Fullerton, CA 92834-6790

If you believe that you are a victim or suspect Identity Theft, here are some helpful contacts:

  • Department of Justice main switchboard for Identity Theft (202) 514-2000
  • (For tax related concerns) IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit at 800-908-4490

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