Your Digital Spring Cleaning Checklist:

1.    Logging on. Start your spring cleaning by updating all of your usernames and passwords. A strong password would typically consist of 12+ characters, special characters, upper and lowercase letters, and numbers. Now is the time to make updating credentials a regular habit!

2.    Organize your desktop. Delete any unused junk just sitting on your desktop, and sort what’s left into folders. Delete any task bar shortcuts you’re no longer using as well.

3.    Declutter your digital space. Delete any unused apps and other unnecessary files. Be sure to do the same with your internet browsers, by sorting through your bookmarks or extensions you may have downloaded. Finish off this step by backing up the rest of your data.

4.    Sort your mail. Save only the emails you’ll need for later reference. Unsubscribe from any lists you’re not receiving truly useful information from.

5.    Keeping your computer clean. Go through, carefully ensure all software is up to date, to reduce cyber vulnerabilities. Emphasis put on anti-malware software.

6.    Advance your skills. Finish off your work by finally learning to use that app you’ve been wanting to learn. Utilizing new applications, while time-consuming, serves to streamline your work in the long run.

Now, use the share buttons below to make this process company-wide and protect your organization this spring.

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