Saks Fifth Avenue Data Breach

This latest retail victim affected the security of around 5 million payment cards. These are cards used in their stores within the months of May 2017 and March 2018. Most likely through a malware installed on the store’s checkout system.

Pentagon Announces Bug Bounty Challenge

This fifth occurrence of the program will run through April 29th, 2018. The focus will be on internal enterprise systems. Past programs have proven highly successful for the US Department of Defense.

Google Bans Crypto-mining Extensions

Google takes a stand by banning Chrome browser extensions that support crypto-jacking. Extensions with other blockchain-related purposes will continue to be allowed in the Chrome Web Store.

Panera Bread Data Exposure

The popular restaurant’s website leaked the data of potentially millions of customers. They were first notified of the issue in August of 2017, but failed to fix it for at least 8 months. The leaked information included names, email addresses, and home addresses.

US Gas Pipelines Hit With Attack

A cyberattack targeted at a vendor supplying electronic data interchange services to leading energy providers. This system allows the exchange of documents setting a basis for energy providers to do business.

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