Uber vehicle ignores pedestrian

A self-driving Uber vehicle failed to recognize Elaine Herzberg crossing the street back in March. As the investigation continues, it seems this woman’s life was lost because of a software issue.

Facebook suffering minimal consequences

A poll conducted near the end of April showed that Facebook suffered no major user loss after the privacy scandal that occurred earlier on. Their user base continues to grow, showing severe cybersecurity-apathy amongst their users.

Police utilizing inaccurate facial recognition tools

South Wales police force defends their technology after it was revealed that 2,000 people at a 2017 sporting event were wrongly identified by the software as criminals. The police continue to use the software despite 92% “false positives”.

San Francisco increases outdoor security

The Union Square Business Improvement District has raised over $3 million since 2012 to fit properties throughout the city with around 350 cameras that share footage with the local police. This project has resulted in about 2,000 arrests.

New Chrome autoplay policy

Google announced a new Chrome policy that will block unwanted auto plays from websites you visit. It does so by analyzing each user’s unique browsing habits and preferences.