Facial Recognition use on U.S. borders in 2018

DSLR cameras armed with a variety of sensors will be used to get a clear shot of any driver crossing U.S. borders. Customs and Border Protection plan to have it ready to go this summer.

Australia forces Facebook and Google to reveal our personal data

Their government has drafted laws that would force these companies to give security agencies access to encrypted messages. Exactly how they would obtain access is yet to be revealed.

Confidential AI program to find nuclear missiles

The U.S. military is putting much effort into using AI to anticipate the launch of a nuclear missile. Predicting and tracking missiles would immensely protect the U.S. against a possible nuclear missile strike.

Apple makes Safari changes for your protection

Apple announced Safari will block advertisers from tracking users who delete their cookies, completely blending your Mac in with everyone else.

Facebook affirms sharing users’ data with Chinese firms

They confirmed having a partnership with China-based firms to share the data of their users, some of these firms having been marked as a security threat. Though they claim all data collected did not leave the users’ phones.

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