When on vacation, digital security is likely not at the forefront of your mind. Cyber-criminals know this too! Here are five simple steps to keep your security while traveling.

2018 summer vacation cybersecurity tips

  1. USE A VPN: While on vacation you are more likely to use public Wi-Fi, and a VPN can help keep you safe on these vulnerable networks.
  2. KEEP YOUR DEVICES SAFE: Don’t think only of your digital safety while traveling, but remember that your devices hold critical data as well. Take only the devices that you will really need. The ones you do take leave in the hotel safe whenever you can. In addition, avoid bringing USB drives with any sensitive
  3. WORK IN SECURE LOCATIONS: If you must work while on vacation, take note of your surroundings. Avoid using public work-spaces such as public computers and printers in hotels. Keep sensitive documents out of sight and devices off when not in use.
  4. USE CORPORATE ASSETS CAREFULLY: Avoid the temptation to bring the technology issued to you. While it may be nice to take vacation photos with the high-end camera trusted to you, you should probably leave it at home – unless it is necessary for work.
  5. REMAIN PRUDENT ON SOCIAL MEDIA: When you post photos on social media it is easy to forget that not only your friends and family will see them. Posting about your vacation is a big green light to hackers and thieves who then know that your home and home devices are exposed. It is better to save your vacation posts for after you return.

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