Forty years ago, cybersecurity and physical security were two very separate things. A thief going after a physical asset didn’t have to overcome a digital obstacle to get it. But today, they’ve fused together in a way that’s vital for business owners to remember. In fact, the best way to protect your organization is to put no gap between the two.

Think of how the two are intertwined. If someone gets past physical security measures, stealing your digital assets just became that much easier. On the other hand, many physical security measures are highly dependent on video surveillance, imaging sensors, and other technologies.

The physical security of your IT assets is as important as something like a firewall. Your advanced cybersecurity plan will mean nothing if the front door is left unlocked, so carefully limit access to data rooms and switch closets. Keep updated records on who in your organization has access to these.

Often physical security becomes simply a force of habit. But the bigger the space, the easier it is for physical security to become a vulnerability. So ensure every entrance and exit is accounted for and equipped with properly functioning security equipment.

The same concept is important for your digital assets. Just as you might set an alarm or lock a door behind you, remember to log out of your system when it’s not in use. Either one could result in a major incident, so they should be treated with the same criticality.

Involve the high-level executives of your company in planning your security procedures. C-levels are able to drastically affect the sense of urgency demonstrated by the rest of your team.

All organizations face some form of unique complexities, so the best place to start is figuring out what yours are. Do this by conducting a detailed risk assessment. Digital Forge offers cybersecurity assessment packages that meet the needs of businesses of any size or industry. Contact us today for more information.

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