Don’t be hooked! Phishing is a method used by scammers to steal information through social engineering and fraud. The information stolen can be used for simple monetary gain or even up to identity theft.

Spear Phishing
Spear Phishing is a direct and targeted form of phishing that uses your personal information to appear believable and legitimate. This info, often found on social media, may include your full name, job title/workplace, your home address and any other information that may gain your trust.

Often a form of spear phishing, whaling targets high profile targets – such as company executives. By targeting those in a position of power scammers may gain access to the personal information of employees including banking information and W-2s.

Red Flags
Misspelled words or poor grammar
Generic or vague greeting “Dear Sir or Madam”
E-mail contains links or attachments
Strong sense of urgency

Don’t – Panic and give the info immediately
Call – The organization if you are unsure
Read – E-mails as plain text to check the URLs of images and links
Check – The secure padlock in the address bar

Federal Trade Commission (FTC):
Anti-Phishing Working Group:
United States Computer Emergency:
Readiness Team (US-CERT)
Report directly to the company being spoofed

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