In an effort to combat sensitive data breaches and preserve American online privacy, the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCSA) and U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) designate October as National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM).

Since its inception 15 years ago NCSAM has helped raise awareness of the vulnerabilities in the cybersecurity of consumers, small businesses, and corporations. Over the years NCSAM has developed a following of over 1000 campaign partners and in 2017 alone they helped the campaign make over 151 million impressions through their #CyberAware hashtag.

This year’s NCSAM focuses on Cybersecurity being a shared responsibility, something we must all work together to improve. The DHS has set 4 key goals which are designed to promote cybersecurity discussions, events, resources, and activities. These are:

  • Strengthen the Nation’s cybersecurity ecosystem
  • Cybersecurity is a cross-cutting, cross-sector challenge, so we must tackle it together
  • Increase and strengthen the cybersecurity workforce across all sectors
  • Secure critical infrastructure from cyber threats

In an era where the internet reaches far into the depths of our privacy and personal lives, NCSAM helps facilitate the discussion and significance of cybersecurity in our online experience. Digital Forge is happy to join this discussion by offering a series of free online materials to help organizations better understand how to manage their online presence and security.

Throughout October, we will be offering free content aligned with the goals of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. These materials will focus heavily on the end user and how they may better defend themselves against the many types of cyber-attack as well as a high-level view of organization cybersecurity. Our hope is that businesses will find this content helpful in training their employees not only to understand the severity of the issue, but also in spotting any potential threats to their data.

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