Digital Forge Consulting provides an unmatched combination of information, insight, and expertise.

We evolve knowledge into high-level strategic guidance and customize a solution to overcome your greatest compliance and security challenges.

We consult and lead organizational and business reform to improve resilience, security, and compliance with regulatory mandates.

Our scale, scope, and proficiency allows us to address real-world problems in a unique way. We produce well-defined goals and determine the precise steps required to improve overall efficiencies, including the technology that is integral to your immediate and future success.

We build our clients’ capabilities at every level and opportunity in order to grow internal support, reach real issues, and obtain practical recommendations. We invest in developing our proven methodologies, as well as industry and functional expertise, in order to offer exceptional perspectives to our clients.

Our experienced professionals apply their understanding of IT operations, regulatory compliance, and visioning to establish strong, actionable engagements with our clients that drive innovation. We leverage the best of breed technologies to address your organization’s needs and execute tactical strategies that grow the success of your business.

Risk Management

Industries of all sizes are facing new and increasingly complex risks while simultaneously aiming to achieve expansive objectives and remaining in compliance to regulatory requirements. Effectively maintaining a risk management and auditing program is difficult in the face of these insurmountable requirements for modern business…

Continuity & Resiliency

Optimize business continuity, improve regulation management, and enable quicker recovery from unanticipated disasters with Digital Forge Continuity and Resiliency Consulting…

Business Transformation

The world is changing at an alarming rate for those who are not embracing it. As technology continues to evolve, it can either be interpreted as a bombardment of challenges or an endless stream of opportunities. Our consultants at Digital Forge work to help organizations move with these advancements and reap great results. We make it possible for companies around the world to transform their organization, improve their performance, become more profitable, and sustain a competitive edge.

EHR Meaningful Use Compliance

In the healthcare industry, it is important to demonstrate a meaningful use of certified Electronic Health Records (EHR) to qualify for the Medicare EHR Incentive Program administered by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Strategic IT Planning

Technology is a critical resource in the success of many organizations. At Digital Forge, we empower our clients to gain a competitive advantage, strengthen employee productivity, and facilitate the optimization of operational effectiveness.

Workforce Optimization

Digital Forge Workforce Optimization Consulting analyzes your complete workforce management lifecycle and provides insights on opportunities to enhance performance…


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