Optimize business continuity and enable quicker recovery.

Optimize business continuity, improve regulation management, and enable quicker recovery from unanticipated disasters with Digital Forge Continuity and Resiliency Consulting.

Digital Forge works to understand your business needs while assuming full responsibility for planning and maintaining all business continuity and resiliency. Our technicians provide a wide-range of experience in IT operations and management as well as a well-rounded business expertise to each commitment.

We assess our clients’ current business continuity plan, including gap analysis, management, approach, documentation, and testing. This includes uncovering weaknesses and recommending procedural enhancements that will ensure that continuity of service is maintained in the event of a declared emergency.

This first step is critical to identifying security threats and vulnerabilities, in order to determine any potential for service downtime. We then evaluate threats such as natural disasters, access denial from such causes as geopolitical or labor unrest, and loss of systems and communications. Our impact analysis determines potential threats and strives to determine the best preventative approach.

We customize a crisis management program, and recommend a team to execute the development and implementation of the plan. We then provide a training program to ensure management is prepared for implementation, as well as educate and train all client stakeholders to validate the practicality of the plan to withstand mission-critical business functions.

At Digital Forge, we provide the foundation of planning to identify crucial business functions, recovery time goals, and restoration point objectives to meet all of your needs.


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