Providing extensive Cybersecurity Advisory Services.

Together with your C-suite we develop a strong cybersecurity strategy tailored to your organization’s needs. While most security leaders feel the need to improve their security, they can often benefit from the expert advice and resources available to us at Digital Forge.

Gap Advisory

It is crucial for any organization seeking to reduce their cyber risk to complete a gap analysis and it is critical that the analysis be completed correctly, balancing both business needs and regulatory requirements. We gain vital insights into your security position and use security best practices to identify and remediate gaps in your security framework.

During our gap analysis we take a detailed look at your organizations:

• Network Infrastructure Design
• Perimeter Protections
• Anti-Malware Strategies
• Mobile Device Security
• System Security Controls
• Archiving Processes
• Physical Access Controls
• Security Management

The information we collect is interpreted and contextualized in order to define the right strategy to implement. Our advisors leverage proven methodologies and deliver an essential understanding of your security profile.

Planning ahead with a cybersecurity strategy as part of your digital transformation journey provides a more confident position to stay compliant and achieve cost savings.

Incident Response Advisory

The cyber threat landscape is evolving and cyberattacks have increased in recent years, making it critical that management at any organization develop a detailed cyber Incident Response Plan (IRP). An IRP can reduce incident recovery costs and downtime, and in fact, many regulatory compliancies require that an IRP be in place.

At Digital Forge we offer advisory services to assist organizations in developing their own IRP. We assess our clients’ current business continuity plan, including gap analysis, management, approach, documentation, and testing. This includes uncovering weaknesses and recommending procedural enhancements that will ensure that continuity of service is maintained in the event of a declared emergency.

This first step is critical to identifying security threats and vulnerabilities in order to determine any potential for service downtime. We then evaluate threats such as natural disasters, access denial from such causes as geopolitical or labor unrest, and loss of systems and communications. Our impact analysis determines potential threats and strives to determine the best preventative approach.

We customize a crisis management program and recommend a team to execute the implementation of the IRP. We then provide a training program to ensure management is prepared for implementation, as well as educate and train all client stakeholders to validate the practicality of the plan to withstand mission-critical business functions.


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