Cybersecurity audits are increasingly required by stakeholders.

Cybersecurity audits are a confirmation that customer data is protected and that digital threats are managed according to organizational policies. The Institute of Internal Auditors specified that this attestation of security and protection must be provided by an internal audit or an independent assessor.

Many organizations do not have the resources required to perform an internal audit. Even if these resources are available the experience required to plan and execute a cybersecurity audit may be lacking.

Digital Forge provides a complete cybersecurity audit solution. We provide either a co-sourced solution that utilizes your internal audit departments or an independent audit that is commissioned by senior management.

Our cybersecurity audit includes enterprise risk assessment, controls assessment, audit planning, and the final audit and testing.

Enterprise risk assessment creates a risk-based view of your most important investments which allows audits to be further prioritized.

Our controls assessment helps to determine the maturity of your cybersecurity controls. The CISO and security leaders from your organization may be called upon to develop a cybersecurity improvement roadmap depending upon the findings of the controls assessment.

Audit planning takes place at least twice a year with an audit committee or with the full board. To best prepare you for these meetings, we will assist your internal audit department and CISO to plan and schedule audits so that the findings can be presented to the board. The scheduling of each audit is greatly affected by the risks, meaning that higher risk areas will have more frequent audits. Another factor to scheduling such an audit would be after a recent control implementation. This would further verify the effectiveness and operations of new security controls.

The final audit evaluates the design and effectiveness of your current controls using interviews, observation, sampling/inspections, and re-performance. The audit stage also includes penetration tests, where our qualified experts test the effectiveness of your controls by using the same techniques of a malicious attacker.


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