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The hospitality industry provides a unique landscape, attractive to cybercriminals given the large databases and high number of transactions day to day. Hospitality executives who seek to mitigate security risks and comply with data privacy regulations should develop a risk management plan.

The hospitality industry is in an interesting position, in that on a daily basis they handle extensive amounts of personal and financial information through credit card transactions and online reservations. What’s more, this information is often times stored for months at a time. While the financial repercussions of a data breach can have serious implications for any business, in the hospitality industry the public relations damage from a data breach could be devastating. In an industry where reputation is critical, it is vital that businesses take the increasing cyber threat landscape seriously.

While complying with Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards is a step in the right direction, it should not be the only defense against data breaches. It is in the best interest of hospitality organizations to seek the expert guidance of cybersecurity professionals.

At Digital Forge, we work with industry leaders to design a security strategy that works for their business and safeguards their guests’ information as well as their own reputation.


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