Ensuring a secure future for your Internet of Things (IoT).

A shielded and complete network of connected devices is essential to the optimized utilization of IoT. The cloud and network infrastructure that support these connected devices must follow a strict security protocol.

Those who consume, create, and operate IoT follow unique security requirements that must be carefully orchestrated. Digital Forge assists security leaders to better understand the expansive risks for cyberattacks that the IoT model presents and how to best defend against the many evolving threats. We provide testing, monitoring, and securing of the physical and digital assets within your IoT ecosystem.

Digital Forge safeguards all integral levels of your IoT environment by securing your products, infrastructure, and services in order to protect your customers and reduce threats. Whether you’re bringing products to market or adding IoT functionality to your current infrastructure, we can assist you. When you work with us, we establish a continuous security program that encompasses compliance and best-in-class security protocols. We will detect potential vulnerabilities in your connected environments, embedded devices, back-end services, applications, APIs, and cloud platforms.

This IoT security solution includes:

• Risk Assessment
• Incident Response Planning
• Infrastructure Penetration Testing
• Application Validation and Security
• Analysis of Firmware Security
• 24/7/365 Diagnostics and Monitoring
• Encrypted Device and Data Security
• IoT Policies and Procedures

Experts at Digital Forge have an in-depth understanding of how cybercriminals exploit IoT. We use this to skillfully apply security protocols that protect your organization from attacks.


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