Technology is a critical resource in organizational success.

Technology is a critical resource in the success of many organizations. At Digital Forge, we empower our clients to gain a competitive advantage, strengthen employee productivity, and facilitate the optimization of operational effectiveness.

In order to align your information strategy with your organization’s business goals, a plan that addresses current and future system requirements is vital. This is why Strategic Information Technology Planning is critical in today’s competitive landscape.

Strategic IT Planning develops an executable approach that includes:

  • Analysis of your organization’s specific information and needs gathered through an in-depth comprehension of your operations
  • Identification of requirements
  • Prioritization of system improvement opportunities
  • Structured planning approach that defines business and information system goals, objectives, and strategies for your organization

While providing your organization with:


  • All-inclusive initiative implementation
  • Recommended opportunities to optimize all strategic initiatives
  • A calculated budget that appropriately allocates costs
  • Precise implementation schedules for initiatives related to hardware, software, controls, staffing, and training
  • Alignment of your IT implementation activities with your business plan
  • Improved and optimized organization-wide technology utilization
  • Empowered competitive advantage as a result of a more efficient and effective system
  • A managed approach to technology expenses
  • The ability to thoroughly manage change and growth


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